Equipment repair and maintenance

Functionality, fun and safety with the Selva di Val Gardena ski rental

All the skis and snowboards are regularly prepared by using advanced technology and the best care, while the boots are perfectly disinfected and dried after every use. Equipment and service are high quality guaranteed.

Moreover, we offer our clients a free change of the equipment sigh another of the same level, besides to a free weekly preparation of skis and snowboards.

We’ll take care

Preserve your equipment at the best

We’ll take care of your skis, boots and snowboards!

The ski equipment is designed to be used in extreme conditions, and it requires a regular maintenance, in order to grant you the best functionality.

We’ll be happy to preserve and repair your skis and equipment with greatest precision.



  • Base repair
    Base cleaning & repair
  • RESULT: Positive resoling of the base
  • Stone grinding
    Many different structures can be produced
  • RESULT: Excellent surface quality
  • Side edge tuning
    Tuning of the side edge angle
    RESULT: Exact side edge angle over the total length of the ski
  • Base edge tuning
    Exact tuning with ceramic grinding stones
    RESULT: Perfect grip
  • Waxing and polishing
    We use only special wax
    RESULT: Best glide on all snow conditions

Shuttle service

Customer satisfied, mission accomplished!

We want our clients to be happy and serene. For this reason, we also offer the shuttle service – the exclusive Partner Hotel Ski Service, that provides delivery and withdrawal of the equipment directly in the hotel.
Fill in a simple coupon in the hotel and we'll retire your skis and snowboard at evening, to give it back to you, ready to use, the morning after.

This service is available to guests of our partner hotels.

ski storage

where to leave the equipment?

Simply leave it in our ski storage in Val Gardena!

Our ski depot is just next to the Ciampinoi cableway in Selva Val Gardena. Be sure to find the boots perfectly dry the morning after and the whole equipment in the best conditions.


Improve the skiing skills?

Skiing better means... having more fun too!

Rely on a team of expert instructors! If you want to improve your skiing technique or if you've never worn a pair of skis, our ski lessons can be right for you!